refurbished inventory

Pozzetta Micro Clean offers a variety of re-cleaned, wafer-ready cassettes. Each cassette has passed a rigorous inspection process ensuring that all labels and residue have been removed and that all components are functional. Please contact us if you would like more information about our reclaim program.

Part No. Manufacturer Description Qty on Hand
MW200 - 200mm SEP Wafer Shipper
Capacity - 25
404 find out more
KTL-3002 300mm Kakizaki FOSB
Capacity - 25
327 find out more
KTL-3004 300mm Kakizaki FOSB
Automatic Door
Capacity - 25
15 find out more
MW300 - 300mm SEP FOSB
Capacity - 25
546 find out more
Komatsu 200mm Komatsu Wafer Shipper
Capacity - 25
62 find out more
CPL-802 - 200mm Kakizaki Shipping Box 160 find out more
H9200 - 200mm Empak UltraPak 313 find out more
H9150 - 150mm Empak UltraPak 294 find out more