Our facilities include:

  • A class 6 cleanroom
  • Four class 3 laminar flow mini-environments
  • 20,000 square feet of warehouse space
  • Pentagon Technologies QIII PLUS Surface particle counter.
  • 400 WATT metal-halide bright lamp for inspection


Pozzetta Micro Clean is dedicated to providing superior cleaning services for your critical process containers. Using our cleaning technology and years of experience, we are focused on reducing particles for containers used in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries.

PMC is an industry leader in the cleaning and recycling of photomask compacts, reticle cassettes, SMIF pods, and wafer containers of all types including Ultrapaks, FOSB (300mm), FOUPS, and other wafer storing and shipping devices.

FOUP Cleaning
FOSB Cleaning
Wafer Carrier Cleaning
SMIF Pod Cleaning

We are capable of achieving the most critical cleanliness levels for all facets of the semiconductor industry. Pozzetta Micro Clean now cleans with DI water filtered to 0.05 Microns.

Click here for a sample particle chart.


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